Marie Howell was diagnosed with cancer in the autumn of 2006.

Shortly after her first course of chemotherapy Marie began painting for the first time at her weekly visits to the Elgin Day Centre.

She produced her first painting “SUNFLOWER” at the end of that year. She found the process therapeutic and relaxing.

Over the next two years Marie continued to paint, her new found talent soon developed in to a great passion producing a further 15 paintings.

Her works are a diverse representation of the artistic styles and images that inspired her, particularly those of Matisse and Monet.

Throughout this period of illness Marie continued to show great courage and determination and along with her passion for her new found form of expression inspired and amazed those around her with her incredible artistry.

Marie passed away peacefully at home on Easter Sunday 2010 surrounded by her family.

Soon after Jayne Hepsibah from the Hepsibah Gallery, who was a friend of the family kindly offered to show all of Marie’s paintings including one that she was unable to complete.

It would have greatly amused Marie to have us honour and celebrate her work in this way and perhaps might have made her a little more proud than she would have cared to admit.

It was also an opportunity for friends and family as well as members of the local community to celebrate the life of Marie Howell.

This dedicated website shows all 16 of Marie’s paintings along with photos taken over the three day exhibition. There are also photos of Marie working on some of her paintings at the Elgin Day Centre.

These paintings appear to capture something very special about Marie.
They are very colourful with much attention paid to detail and you cannot help but admire the variety and content of her work.

Today the paintings remain either with family or very close friends.

Marie continues to be greatly missed but these paintings are an example of how she is still able to inspire people in her absence. It is something she has done for friends and family throughout her life.

For further information, please contact Andrew or David Howell – 020 8748 1361